Service Idea

The management of South Glass, including the design, manufacturing and assembly of the products, is under the supervision of the ISO9001 quality management system, and the strict enterprise standards have been formulated for the products. To meet all kinds of special requirements of domestic and foreign customers, through scientific and strict management level, the tempering equipment of South Glass can run safely for a long time.

South Glass professional service team provides efficient and considerate service to customers: pre sale communication helps customers to choose correctly; the service provides safe and reliable installation and debugging; after-sales service provides considerate service to customers.

During the warranty period, South Glass will provide the maintenance service for the user free of charge; for the domestic customer who needs maintenance, South Glass technicians will respond within 2 hours and go to the scene within 24 hours. Overseas customers take measures quickly after understanding the specific situation in the local office and provide the best solution to the problem.

Pre-sale service

1.Introduce the advantages and characteristics of South Glass equipment to customers, so that customers can understand the reason of choosing South Glass equipment.

2.According to the customer's target market, site and output, we choose the proper type and specification of toughening equipment for our customers.

3.Recommend other matching glass cold processing equipment for customers according to the type and specification of toughened units selected by customers.

4.According to the glass deep processing equipment selected by customers, we help customers to determine the required area, height and other site conditions.

5.If necessary, customers can be arranged to visit other similar glass processing factories.


  • 01

    Establish customer files and strengthen customer management

  • 02

    Understand customer needs and provide active service

  • 03

    Efficient and standardized service flow

  • 04

    Patience and professional service attitude

  • 05

    Telephone online consulting service

  • 06

    A free 24 hour reservation service is provided during the warranty period

  • 07

    After the warranty period provided the original accessories and high quality professional advice

  • 08

    Provide free remote diagnostic services

  • 09

    Provide VIP annual maintenance plan


The problems in the process of user operation can be found in 《User operation manua》and 《Product maintenance manual》. If it is still not settled, please contact South Glass company according to the following ways: 

Contact number:400-876-0033, 13825526319





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