1.Through adopting the continuous transmission and heating teachniques.LPG is able to reduce the friction between the surface of the glass and the surface of the ceramic rollers so that it can improve the heating uniformity.

2.The use of lower temperature entry fo the furnace avoids the breakage of the surface of the glass after the entry.

3.The teachque of testing the state of glsaaes'exit ensures the safety of the glasses'exit of the furnace.

4.The emergency inside the flat quenching can be dealt in time because of the fast opening and closing system for it.

5. Double heating sections can effectively reduce time for heating and running the big blower ,so as to achieve the goal of saving energy and the capacity is almost two times of ordinary type.

6. The use of lower temperature entry of the furnace cut down the bad reaction after the glasses enter into the furnace,thus to improve the quality of the surface.

7. The unformity of different areas of the glass is in favor of double chambers. Thereby,the tempering quality can be improved and the breakage can be reduced.


Suitable for

Technical parameters



Mainly in:Large size glass for architecture,large batch production furnitures,decorative,shower booths,automobile,trains ships,etc.

Other models are not listed because of the limited space.

Remark: All sizes are based on millimeter and the capacity subjected to 5mm glass at 80% utilization and 100% end-product rate.The change of equipment configuration will be in accordance with the difference of glass thickness range, it is depended on actual design.




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